Skill It Is for Fishing!!!

Talk about fishing tips.

Fast in hand, baits, release lines, fish picking and action must be fast. If the sinker or hook hanging to the bottom of the river, immediately put on the line,lifting rate with the bottom line length keep same.

There are many fish on one rod, if you meet fish group, don't rush to line the fish after got first fish. After a few seconds, it will be more likely to catch two or  three,even more. The distance between the hooks should be appropriate, so as to avoid the twining of the line after catch double fish and waste the time.

The problem for giving up of lead, I think is a bit redundant, but I often directly connected sinker hooked at the end of the following. Because the individual sinker rarely hang on the bottom, if the balance to the end, as long as the dead is basically an all out. 

I think the hooks if you do not consider picking the fish easy or not, hooks model szies do not have branch limited to bigger size for big fish. small size for small fish. if we used 18#, 19# hooks, to hook the 0.5 - 3 pounds fish should be enough, of course, the best to bring a hook releaser.

The diameter of the hook determines the speed of Stabbing fish, as the faster the sharper things is eay to get into the body. It's like hanging the fish with a hook used for a pig. How much strength can you get into the body of the fish?

So I think we can catch big fish in a small hook like 18#, and will hook better efficiency than larger, only to be resolved is the problem of release the fish.

The bait is the key,this year we used, maggot, pineapple, nudibranch sea intestine maggots, sand tube clams, prawns, squid and so on.

The bait is different from the way of attracting fish. It can be divided into two kinds,swimming,taste.
I just want to say, "a shark can smell a drop of blood in seawater" at a long distance.

hope you can share your experience with each others.and it will help us enjoy fishing.

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