Skills in mastering the drop point of the saltwater rod

The use of sea pole placement, if can do correctly, can put the fishing group to position, improves the probability of fish, can be added to the position, to create conditions for the future in fishing, and the lift pole, fell on the fishing bait to supplement the position, increase the fish effect.

The new fishing friend is about to ask, how to make the end of the sea pole accurate? How to make the sea pole hit far away?

This is the first to understand the principle of the pole of the sea pole. A group of hooks, a sinker, plus a big ball of bait, flying in the air force of tens of meters or nearly one hundred meters, the centrifugal force generated when the rod is hit, the centrifugal force determines the size of the flight distance. Therefore, as long as the direction and speed of the centrifugal force are grasped, the distance of the drop point can be controlled far and near and accurately.

A fixed reference is made when the rod is hit, so that all the rods are hit on the same point with the same strength as the reference. To do this, as long as you do four points. The four point is: the tip of the pole behind you, to your body, to the tip of the pole before the body and the reference on the other side in the same line. Pay attention to the lifting of the fishing rod must be with the ground, tilt the rod drop point is difficult to master.

The sea pole is best to choose the same brand, the same length and hardness, which can avoid the distance gap caused by the hard and soft of the fishing rod. Because of the centrifugal force generated by the different length of the rod is very different, using the same force rod, the rod tip their running speed is not the same, the running speed is faster than the long pole short pole. In addition, the fishing group is also the best of the same weight, falling lead and hook type is also the best of the same weight, even the weight of the bait is the best, because as long as there is a little different, will produce different centrifugal force.

Use the same kind of fish wire reel. Different fishing Reel have different diameters, widths, and line grooves, which also affect the fishing line. In particular, the depth of the groove is different, which determines the time of friction, the longer the friction time, the more the functions consumed and the closer the distance is. Fishing line is also the most important, because different brands of fishing line have different diameters, specific gravity, soft and hard degree. These differences will also affect the distance between pole and pole.

As we often fish in different waters, we should choose two kinds of fishing rods with different lengths. The longer the rods are, the bigger the centrifugal force is and the farther the flight distance is, the easier the deviation will be. The more flexible the fishing rods are, the easier the deviation will be.

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