Some talk about saltwater fishing

Fishing technology is broad and profound, different people have different fishing habits, different landforms waters will produce different fishing. Here are some fishing tips.

1. put the long line. This is a Taiwan fishing off the east coast due to the special topography and developed. The east coast is the settlement type, there are more than three meters offshore near the depth and near the Kuroshio and the Pacific upwelling, so rich in fish, large size. In the process of fishing, by raft or electric ship will be sent to the bait offshore 100 to 1000 meters long rod or special place, choose more than 80 heavy Los Angeles pole, large carts roll 1000 meters above 50 pounds and 100 pounds of sub bus line with a hook. The use of small fish bait whole tail, about 7 kg of stones as lead. When the fishing rod is fixed on the beach and upright, people can wait for the fish to be heard quietly. Fishing is the object of ginseng, red sweet inverse hook. But in Orchid Island and Los Angeles Rock Island shihtiping and coral reef coast is not suitable for this kind of fishing, the main consideration of this kind of fishing once hanging end of fishing group can not be recovered, will cause serious impact on marine ecology. fishing. Use this kind of fishing on the west coast and northeast reef fishermen, fishing object is of high economic value of fish. Fishermen in the fishing is by hand or by boat fishing or escape Aberdeen coarse fishing rod fishing so brave, because the bottom rocks reef or obstacles or wreck, fishermen cannot under network. pool. This is the introduction of sea water in artificial ponds or the addition of mariculture in artificial aquaculture or natural waters for fish fishing. The selection of fishing groups is also different according to the different objects of the fishing. As long as we pay the rent in the pool, the fishing skill is not too far away. From then on, you can say goodbye to the days of the seaside tribute. But a lot of Riga fishing pool, fishing ponds and fish as the fish of the sea and natural "green", so the fish still don't eat too much.

4.lure. The road sub can be widely used in different occasions, and fishing equipment is sui generis


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