Talk about saltwater fishing

The sea is the lover of the summer. Whoever is close to the sea is close to the world. The summer seaside, there are always a lot of people playing fun, bustling. So if you want a person to enjoy the tranquility of the sea? The sunset, the sea breeze, the waves, the total side man does not see the beautiful. Yes, fishing. Fishing is one of the most connected offshore activities. A rod, a person sitting in the quiet sea, feeling the vast sea, the other has a kind of life experience.

Fishing in the world more and more hot, whether Eastern or western, President or civilians, many people have to go fishing for fun, it is a way of leisure and fitness activities. The former Russian President Yeltsin and his wife, to leave my country in Dalian, soon put forward for fishing. The proposal to enter the Olympic Games is on the agenda of the Olympic Committee after the efforts of angling enthusiasts in Asia, the United States and Europe. Now, many city Chinese also surging sea fishing hot.

After some interesting studies, it is found that the Oriental and the Westerners have different attitudes to fishing. Both Chinese and Japanese want to "see fish" when they are fishing, while westerners prefer to enjoy the fishing process. Westerners often fishing, and vacation together, rent a boat or boat, fishing tackle on sea fishing. They caught a few fish and they would go back to the sea. This is the difference between the culture of the East and the West.

There are many ways of fishing. For example, Los angeles. Los Angeles is one of the many adventurers love game. The Los Angeles, is out of the water in the rock or rock beach fishing. These reefs, often accompanied by extremely rich aquatic animals and plants, attract a large number of migratory fish to feed and breed. So here is the source of fish is very rich, so become adventurers from the fishing paradise.

Looking from the field, do not have to go out in the boat, along the coastline around or large island reefs, rocky stone edge as long as, ports, docks, bridges, oil platforms, where in the ebb and flow of water can reach two or three meters, 35 meters or more than ten meters above the water depth, it is very good from fishing.

Los Angeles, and "light from" and "Los Angeles" division. The light from the main medium and small fish; "from the" main large and medium-sized fish.


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