Talking about Sea fishing rod and sea reels

Sea fishing rod and sea reels

The sea rod fishing reels must adjust the force. Because after a fish will have a tug of war and bickering, in this process, if the tension limit between the person and the pull of the fish is greater than the value of the fishing line, there will be break phenomenon. If the force is transferred to the limit of the tension less than the line, the line will automatically pull down from the reels to avoid the tug of tug and the broken line when the big fish is encountered.

The most important thing is to adjust the discharge capacity of the Reels, which is based on the different diameter of the line, and what kind of nodule pulling force should be taken into consideration. Then we assemble the sea pole and connect it with a spring scale, pull it outward, and adjust the discharge according to the reading of the spring scale. It is possible to adjust the force to a close or less than nodular pull. Some fish lines are unqualified products. According to the above methods, not only can the force be adjusted, but also the quality of the line can be measured. If we have such a line in hand, we must first pull it off once and get the ultimate tension value, and then adjust the discharge capacity according to this standard. When it is adjusted to near or less than this standard, it will do.

The saltwater pole is not afraid of water, and there is a way to solve it naturally. It must be understood that a sea pole must inevitably be flooded in the process of use. Of course, if we do not deal with it after entering the water, it will damage the sea pole. It is more common that paint changes color, appearance and deformation. Some of them even grow green hair because of humidity. So the key is that the sea rod after use must promptly wipe clean. The method is: if the sea pole has a back cover, open the rear cover, pull out all the sea rods, relax a little, and put it in a ventilated place to dry. Do not expose it to the sun.

If it is a sea pole without a rear cover, it will pull out about 3/4 of each section. It will dry in a ventilated and ventilated place for a long time, which is more conducive to evaporating moisture. If the unfortunate encounter a rainy weather, the sea rod a 1 to pull out flat on the bed, electric heating, electric heating can also be blown dry. If the sea rod has fallen in the water, it should be washed with water in time and dry, because the corrosion of the sea water is very strong.

But now many fishing rods for saltwater have been treated with special treatment, and the performance of the sea water has been greatly improved.

There are also a lot of advanced sea rods, such as SOLID material carbon fiber rod , deep-sea fishing pole,etc..

 Eg:that new rod called bumping rod for catfish, or our new solid slow jigging rod, or travel rod combo.

all are special for fishing fans:)

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