Teach you how to catch yellow croaker

Teach you how to catch yellow croaker

Teach you how to catch fish. It belongs to the sciaenid fishes. Yellow croaker can be divided into large yellow croaker and small yellow croaker, which is one of the four major marine fishery species in china. General feeding croaker is more miscellaneous, it is most important to fish for food.

Large yellow croaker place also known as: yellow croaker, king fish, fresh, large yellow croaker, melon, cucumber, red dragon, Huang Jinlong, osmanthus, Chung, red and yellow croaker. Its body length showed oval, flat, generally 30~40 cm long body. The tail shank is slender, and its length is more than 3 times high. Big head flat, central dorsal occipital spine is not obvious. The hip has 4 obvious holes. The fin base of the 2/3 dorsal and anal fins is small scale, above the starting point of the pectoral fin starting point. The large yellow croaker is a subtropical fish, which usually lives in the upper middle of the coastal shallow sea within 60 meters of the coastal sea.

The local name of small yellow fish is also known as: the shape of the small yellow fish is very similar to the big yellow fish, but the shape is small, the body is 16~25 cm long and the body weight is 200~300 grams. The dorsal side is yellow brown and the ventral side is golden yellow. The main difference is: small yellow croaker Pseudosciaena crocea and smaller scales of small yellow croaker in large scales and rare; large yellow croaker and small yellow tail long tail short stalk; large yellow croaker second anal fin spines is equal to or greater than the eye diameter, while the small yellow croaker is less than the eye diameter; rhubarb fish skull with 4 unidentified holes obviously, the yellow fish 6 holes; the lower lip is longer than the upper lip, mouth large yellow croaker closed round, small yellow croaker, lower lip length, mouth closed when a sharp.

Croaker is belongs to the gentle quiet type, when we choose to tackle, you should choose smart light type, where the use of fishing rods, sea rods can be. The length of the best pole in 5.4 ~ 7.2 meters between the range of the elastic rod is also possible, as long as the best fishing line and a fishing rod, if you want to use sea rods, can also be matched with small reel is more convenient. In the selection of line of fishing, you can choose No. 4~8 nylon line. It should be equipped with No. 4 nylon line more than 100 meters. The hook can be used bow type No. 215~217, Hu Jiang Lu type No. 617~619, No. 7~8, HHH universal sleeve hook hook 7 ~ HH long Liangyou No. 8.5, a variety of options if you choose. The sinker eggplant shaped or circular, oval shaped fruit category for best.

The best fishing season is the yellow croaker in the spring, when it happens to shore to spawn. The place for throwing and fishing is on the shore, the beach and the breakwater. After you take the hook off to catch, and then quietly waiting for the fish, the fish in the rod tip reaction is very special, it is only in the rod tip slightly to vibrate a few times, but this transient, you accidentally had time to lose the chance. So you have to pay attention to it carefully.

If you love a boat fishing croaker, it should choose about 2 ~ 2.5 meters left pole, and then with lead mound No. 20, drum type small selection of reel, storage 4~6 nylon line 200 meters. It is best to use the number 10 hook or group hook of the bass. When the boat fishing rod, you will be thrown after fishing, the hook will slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, you have to shake with good hull, a good grasp of the pole, and then patiently wait, as long as the fish, you can immediately shake the fish line. If you are with friends to catch the ship, it is necessary to pay attention to the weight of the weight of lead, or will the fishing line and the line will be twisted together, which affects the effect of fishing.

Whether you are using cast fishing or fishing, bait can use fresh fish and shrimp, lobworm, Los Angeles, insects, fish and other sea silkworm; when hanging bait, hook tip should be exposed to the bait to hook the fish mouth outside, in order to better, more convenient you fishing.

When we were fishing croaker, but also pay attention to the following five points:

A fish, it love together, especially in the summer, flocks on the shore with habitat and looking for food. At this time we can seize the opportunity, take a line of hook, and sometimes a pole to catch the record of five or six fish.

Two, yellow croaker of its Biao can sound from time to time, we can according to this characteristic, we can estimate the location of its fish, so we can choose a good fishing spot.

Three, if the time of the fish, you must make a prompt decision, immediately put the fish on the pole. Otherwise the fish ran and wasted a chance to go to the fish.

The best fishing fishing four, yellow croaker, lies in the wave can be rushed to the place, this is because of the impact of the tide flow to the sea, backwash place is also good fishing. Because the yellow croaker love gathered here, here is the low-lying coastal sand bottom.

Five, yellow croaker it also love the night out in search of food, so strong, so we can choose the best night fishing at night, in advance of rod ends affixed reflective tape.

The meat is tender yellow croaker. In addition to the fresh food can also be processed into the flavor and characteristics of the aquatic products. In addition, yellow croaker also has medicinal value, the heat effect of allopurinol with otolith function, lungs and spleen, invigorating qi and promoting blood circulation.

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