Teach you how to pick up the earthworms for fishing

Teach you how to pick up the earthworms for fishing

Teach you how to pick up the earthworms. Everyone knows that the earthworm is a good fish for fishing, and we can buy it in the market, but we can also collect it by ourselves. Before collecting, we should first understand its habits. It mainly lives in the intertidal sand belt, and it can be buried in life. It can be as deep as 0.5m or so. There are many flat and mud shaped discharge on the surface of the beach, with twisted deposits. The eggs are spawned every year in September, and the eggs are round.

Today, we are going to teach you a simple and inexpensive way to collect sea worms. Of course, if we can also try all kinds of bionic fishing baits, like frog lures, mouse lures or duck lures,the effect is good, which also saves a lot of trouble. In the bay area, the scallops are farmed in the coastal waters. We need to separate the cage from the scallops at a certain time and eliminate the small or abnormal individuals. In these abandoned scallop residues, we can easily find earthworms, mostly earthworms. To the sea after ebb tide, often have the rocks out of the water, covered with oyster reef. These are a lot of sea oyster parasitic worms, and is the kind of earthworm mud. The collection of these oysters, both to taste the delicious food, but also gathered a large number of high-quality sea worms, can shoot two hawks with one arrow, you Why not?.

The annual autumn is the season of fishermen digging clam, we are digging clam, often noticed many earthworms mixed in to the ship clam heap rummage. The fishermen digging clam clam into commodity, should be screened with iron sieve, to remove sediment debris, search the wreckage in the sediment clam, often have unexpected harvest. The sea is mud earthworm earthworm, the best fishing.

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