Teach you to catch squid

Squid, no stranger. Often say "saute squid" "saute squid". But the squid is really good, especially the squid they have caught. It's not hard to catch squid. Here you are.

Make a squid hook first. Looking for a 10 mm diameter, 60-70 mm long copper rod, processed into the middle two small spinning mallet (may need lathe), the lower left about 6 cm in the circumferential direction and not processed, all distance have eight slots with a saw, a No. 10 maruse hook the hook handle into the groove in the hammer groove on both sides of the pressing play up to clamp the hook handle, and then at the top of a drill line, basically made of squid hook.

The appearance design of the squid hook also has special requirements. First of all, in the shape of the copper hammer spinning appearance into two halves on any of the two red, yellow or white three colors, etc. after the paint is dry and then wrapped around a layer of dense nylon line. Then in the copper spindle outside tied with raw material, slightly above the near the hook handle tied around 3 mm light green light band. At the end of the spinning copper mallet tied white foil on it. The weight of the whole hook is good to be able to float in the water. The method of making the squid hook is a bit troublesome, but it does not know how many times more than the fake bait.

Squid usually should be caught in the dry season at night (the best is "dark night, wind and fire", huh). The most taboo is the moonlight night, the squid generally do not come out, let you white one night. The squid in the future or after the typhoon is very active after the Mid Autumn Festival. Prepare about 1000 watts of incandescent lamp, and take the light with a light in the range of about 100 square meters. But choose not to fish in too bright place, in a dark place under the hook slightly better, it is too bright to observe the squid hook carefully, bad for fishing. The sheds are about three or four meters away from the water.

In the process of fishing, it is mainly to feel that the squid is hooked. When squid attacks, it uses a pair of long tentacles to catch the middle part of the squid hook from the bottom up or from the side. It feels obvious on the hands, and noticing that the lighter weight on the line is also fish.

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