The choices and skills of fishing gears about sea boat fishing-1

The choices and skills of fishing gears about sea boat fishing

As a way of fishing, boat fishing , floating in the waves while fighting in the stream and the fish, that comes from the sea and the soul of the collision, is always fishing anglers who aspire to. Boat Fishing than landing, the physical consumption of small lot, but does not need the reef scraped, put on the ship line can be applied to catch, fishing more exciting and direct than landing. The following small for everyone to talk about fishing tackles and fishing points.

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Sea boat fishing, fishing methods, such as trolling, longline and so on, this article only to sink type fishing for example, make a brief introduction on the fishing tackle.

The bottom fishing tackle. this boat fishing type is equipped with many years of evolution to today's level. In the next hour in addition to fishing, fishing ship crude, fishing tackle with very shabby". A winding rack, wrapped about a hundred meters long thick mm nylon thread, with a one meter long wire "balance", both ends of the tie "Changhai" brand 305 or 301 hook, under one large set of fishing sinker, only a few yuan. (this fishing tackle are still in use, but most of them are fishermen on the island or a few traditional and nostalgia for the old friend).

With the improvement of material culture, and the rapid development of fishing industry, "modern fishing" in the fishing group, take the essence to retain or develop foreign fishing boats, fishing tackle has completely "make only superficial changes". Fishing with a fishing rod is one of the most popular outfits, and it is a kind of progress that saves the hardships of pulling lines directly in the past.

Modern fishing boat fishing with mainly as follows:

With more than 50# fishing rods (special fishing gear manufacturers regular boat rod has a distinct number that is most marked in the hammer load pole body), rod grew up not more than 3 meters, in order to facilitate the operation of the ship, the best selection of 2.1 - 2.7 meters in length between the rod. In addition to the classification of ship drag rod (trolling), fishing rod type more general sink into two types: one is out of line (boat), boat fishing pole body, mostly by the rod length ratio or curve points arranged around 10 ring guides.

The greatest advantage of this rod is that the resistance of the line is small and the line is smooth, so that it is easy to play the fish. The other is the interline boat of the inner line. The maximum weight of the hammer is no more than 80#, most of which is used in the night sea fishing. Because of no ring guide, it is especially suitable for night fishing at sea.


The fishing boat is equipped with fishing tackle

The ship's fishing rod is two, preferably with a different load of hammer, such as one of 50# and 80#, or one of 80# and 120#. But when the real fishing is done, a fishing pole is usually used for fishing. The other pole can be adjusted at any time according to the different depths of water, the velocity of the fishing area, or the size of the fish.

With the fishing rod matching combination of winding reels, the regular allocation should use the "horizontal" line Reels or "drum /trolling type" line reels about 200 meters of energy storage line. This kind of spool reels is more suitable for use in ship fishing. The main reason is that the crankshaft of the spool reels is directly connected to the reel drum through the internal gear occlusion, and it has a horizontal one way connection. In addition, the crosswise transversal line of the traversing device moves around the handle, and the speed ratio is mostly around 1:4.5. Although the return speed is slow, but the vertical pull is strong, the fishing process is very relaxed.

The Japanese "Shimano" 2000 boat fishing as an example, when the water depth is not greater than 40 meters, should be a good choice. Of course, if the spinning reels shot class instead of A. But once the depth of over 30 meters, and the big fish, take-up will both time-consuming and labor-intensive, it will have to run with fish (of course such as fishing depth of 15 meters, is a different matter) than transverse reel with good.

The main line of the boat fishing  for general requirements such as Braided line, Japanese "sunrise", "Jessica union" and "Seeger" are a good fishing line. The main line number is usually between 6# ~ 8#, enough to deal with a big fish about 10 kilograms. Because this line tensile strength, small number, line diameter, the effects of fishing in the fishing line sink after "without", 80# fishing, 250 grams of fishing boat crashed into the foot can be "a top end". At the same time, because the fishing boat crashed into the lighter, the fishing line and no extension of the fishing season, will be more sensitive reaction.

Boat fishing hooks mostly between 15 and 24, with the production of gamma Katz hooks for example, between 22 and 24 is the big mouth to catch black oblique fish preferred. The fishing sinker should be equipped with a variety of models, such as 100 grams, 150 grams, 200 grams, 300 grams, to adapt to cope with different current velocity and water depth at the fishing boat in the process. The concrete hammer load standard should be matched according to the number of the fishing rod, rather than the weight. Specific requirements, in the previous articles have been introduced in the previous, no longer here.

The fishing hook line general requirements in 4# - 6# between the nylon line can be matched, length of line should be according to catch fish, otherwise it is something different.

The fishing lines hooks setup, the steps are as follows: the main line through the decomposition of rod all wire ring (or inner wire rod rod body) - main line end is a large swivel pin, pin fastening part below the "balance" the axle hole, "balance" under the axial hole is about 80 cm long and 6 No. - then a nylon line length of 10 cm small "balance" -- the 20 cm long 5 nylon line and fasten lead. Hook line "balance" requirement of 60 cm, 30 cm under the "balance" requirements. A ship bottom fishing fishing group combination is completed, hang can catch the bait.


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