The choices and skills of fishing gears about sea boat fishing-2

The choices and skills of fishing gears about sea boat fishing-2


Two. The selection of fishing places for boat fishing

Whether the selection of the fishing line is correct or not, it is directly related to the "content" and "quality" of the fishing boat. Ship bottom fishing places should be selected as much as possible to focus on the following three types to confirm.

(1) underwater reef area

Try to choose around the adjacent islands, reefs, rocky near the Ming Tuo underwater reefs, gully, gap, underwater cliff angle, the bottom of the slope and the surrounding areas of marine plants for fishing.

Because this kind of fishing place is most of the habitat and foraging place of the cluster sea fish. Especially those reefs chink and large ravines and sea caves, many will be big latent and seclusion of "home", the fishhook here, often there will be surprises. The fishing baits is six line fish, grouper, black porgy and other ferocious carnivorous fish. In addition, between reefs or in the middle of two reef open sandy areas, there will be a flounder, flounder, these are not missed fishing.

(2) sunk fishing places

The formation of the fishing spot, the cause of the fish collection, the selection of the fishing places, and so on, have been described in detail in the previous fishing magazine, and no longer are described here.

However, here the author also added a few words, to sink type of boat fishing way, must not be more tied to the hook. Because most of the sunken ships are basically wrapped in fish nets or are often irregular scrap iron rotten, it is very easy to hook the fall and run the fish. In each group the best fishing hooks tied to a two lead system as well, a sub line is also not too thick, so as not to hang on the bottom after the break difficult. Ship fishing sunken ship should be more hooked, falling.

In addition, the wreck is deep sea cold water fish fishing cod large. When fishing this kind of fish, we should always pay attention to the "follow line" or "conspiracy" of the fish. When cod fish sometimes swallow their hooks, they will not run down or to the other side, but will often catch up with the fishing line. If the fishermen take up the line, they will feel no strength or mistake. This must not be "trapped", rapid loop, and from time to time in the loop lifting pole hook braking process, only to feel a little heavy feeling to hard brake hook, to prevent the COD in the pine line suddenly shakes off.

(3) rafting fishing

Inshore fishing raft is a fishing area in recent years. For sea fishing is fear of storms, and fear from the reef scraped fishing, boat fishing in the aquaculture area should be a good choice.

Most of the raft areas are close to the shore, and the distance is only within two thousand or three thousand meters of the promontory Bay. Due to the floating ball on the surface of the raft, there are many underwater cable posts. The strong current flows through this area, which is often hindered. It often changes the mainstream flow direction and velocity, and forms many irregular and slower flow tributaries. The raft area is placid, so avoid sea waves, fish in the free "land of idyllic beauty", identify the foraging fish under the hook must be obtained.

There are mainly four kinds of fishing points in the raft area: the underwater sinking raft area, the underwater "dirty spots", the fixed sand bag area and the marine fish culture raft surrounding are good fishing points.

As the water sinking raft, chaos dirty point and fixed sandbags area, due to the deposition and accumulation of Months and years pass by. and irregular arranged to form an uneven "artificial reef". In the surrounding wide sandy land, occasionally there is such a "safe haven" foraging "reserve", will become a large fish.

For the surrounding area of marine fish culture, feed is fed daily for cultured marine fish, and those that feed around the rafts around the rafts will inevitably attract fish from the sea to come to feed. This "dinner" should be the "frequent visitor" here.

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