The fishing skills of catching platycephalidae

The fishing skills of catching platycephalidae 


Platycephalidae fishing skills. Platycephalidae it looks ugly, but also the overall conical, big head, big mouth, and fine teeth, back with hard spines and scales is fine, brown color. It also called Flathead fish. Because of its small tail, some place called "shelter" and "donkey tail", this name is still quite vivid. It belongs to the shallow seabed layer of fish, long lurk in the bottom, generally in the case of the bottom.

It doesn't float to the surface. It acts slowly, and likes to live on the bottom of the mud. It also likes to search for food on the edge of reef and beach. When it comes to the tide, it will go up to the bottom of the shore and breathe the air because of the rise of the tide.

It's hard to catch it except in winter, because the temperature on our side is high. You can go fishing in other seasons. Used for fishing bait fish tail, it is a kind of food, food is not fierce. You can use the shrimp and crab fishing, it is irrational, but it is still the most love in the sea - Universal bait worms. This it is the most love, for it can improve your lobworm fishing rate.

Fishing around the oxtail variety, and there are many methods to choose from: including hand line fishing,fishing pole, floating rock fishing etc.. As you choose, I am here focuses on hand line fishing and fishing pole, because these two kinds of local fishing, I frequently used, has many years of experience, I hope that learning with everyone, learning together.

A fishing pole:

1, material: we must first prepare two manual, and then wrapped in each manual on strong nylon line, the best is to use the blue line 100 meters, and the diameter of the best line to 0.2 mm, this is because the platycephalidae is sensitive to the fishing line, and its force is not great, so the use of thin enough. Hook with the "hippocampus" brand or made about 14, four double bent upward hook, it is calculated as one or two equal to 4 grams.

2, fishing point: the best fishing point is to choose the silt at the bottom of the dock, you can also choose the export of domestic sewage.

3, fishing: first line into the water, try to sink to the bottom line, a hand-held manual, hand pinch line. How to put the line is very important. It's better not to straighten the line. After reaching the surface, there is a certain surplus line. The extra line can lie on the surface of the water. After the work is done, we can wait for the arrival of the fish quietly. If a period of time after the fish without bait, then you have to carry under the line, to draw the attention of the fish, fish eating no shelter, you to the surface on the line as long as straightened after that, you can immediately put the hook. When you want to use the network to copy, can also take the hook wrapped fish, easily taken down, can not directly hand to grasp well, take care of your hands, the fish's back and sides with a few hard thorns, but also with a small amount of the toxin, the toxin is not dangerous in life, as long as you squeeze blood can ease the pain.

Two, hand fishing rod:

1, prepare materials: hard glass steel rod, diameter 3.6 meters long 0.37 mm nylon line as the main line, a small 8 word, vertical bar shaped float swivel 1, 0.28 mm diameter nylon line is about 50 cm long, 7, as the brain line No. 8 large, according to potential hook and 7-8 grams of 1 bites.

2, fishing point: the fishing point is chosen on the seaside with the reef.

3, fishing: first hung food on the hook, the hook tip is to is not exposed to the hook of the upper 20 cm place with bites,

Towards the distant sea will throw together a bait floating to shore, this is due to the fall of light fine line. You will see that the bait is beating constantly under the shock of the waves. If the fish bite, floater is the first heavy, after slowly sink to see this situation, you can immediately put the rod.


Goofish fishing.

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