The technology to teach you to hook prawns

The technology to teach you to hook prawns

Teach you the technique of hooking prawns. Before we want to hook prawns, we need to understand its habits and types. Shrimps are crustaceans and belong to the crustaceans of arthropods. The shrimps have a translucent body, and the crustaceans are very thin and have a fan like tail, and the second pairs of antennae are very long. It is very nutritious. This species is also very numerous, including shrimp, shrimp, shrimp, crayfish, shrimp, prawns, shrimp, shrimp, lobster and other pipa. In winter, the activity of shrimp is very poor, and it does not catch food. We usually start from three places in the shrimp's body when we are in the shrimps.

One, the waist of the hooked shrimp

We usually in the fishing boat is the most commonly used is the hook shrimp waist, do tend to have a certain risk of shrimp, shrimp hook will certainly die, I do not know why in this way, it is possible to keep the shrimp shake off, this is to ask the old fisherman just know tao. If anyone knows, you can tell me.

Two. The head of the prawn

This method is widely used. Many people use this hook method when they are fishing. And the hook shrimp head can be divided into the hooked shrimp gun, shrimp cheek and shrimp mouth, these three kinds of hook each have the advantages of each, you choose.

1. The hooked shrimp gun

This way is directly from the hook tip through the gun position and its border position, we will try to hook the gun position away from head within the internal organs, this position as long as the hook too shallow should do not have what problem. The swimming posture of the shrimp will be more normal after launching the water, and the shrimp is not easy to throw off when it is thrown. This method can only be a fish with large mouthfuls, such as the bass.

2. The cheeks of the prawns

The same shrimp gills as S shape, is located on both sides of head near the bottom of the well recognized, everyone. We are on the hook when the hook tip should be close to the outside of the head in a cheek from the bottom up to about the middle position to pull the hook tip, thus completing the hook shrimp gills, remember hook shrimp gills cheek a hook to never learn oh. When you put the shrimp into the water, you will find it is not easy to die and move around like nothing. This gives the fish a false image, which makes it convenient for you to fish. When the pole into the water, not too hard Oh, is not suitable for long shot, windy weather, shrimp is likely to be very easy to get rid of you. You can only go to some still water, slow, shallow water and go fishing, and then you'll find how much it works. If you think the hooked shrimp gun is not good, use this method.

3. The mouth of the hooked shrimp

Many people can't recognize where the mouth of the shrimp is, and few people will notice it. It's in the center of the cramp under the head of the shrimp. It's a soft tissue with a deep color, and this is the mouth of the shrimp. You can go directly from the position of the hook hook, until the middle head top two eyes. Let the head of the shrimp and the hook be 90 degrees, and the hook can be stabbed along the angle of the hook. You have to be careful not to hit the shrimp offal. This is not easy to hook shrimp can be dropped. Most of the hook will be hidden in the head of the shrimp, so that the fish are not aware.

Three. The tail of the prawn

It is possible to use the hook tip directly through the tail of one of the tail leaves. I don't like to use this method personally, and it's easy to throw the shrimp off when I toss. In waxy fish or other small fish, the exposure of the hooks will be harder to enter. But the use of each person, do not know that you like not to like, only try to know.

The last thing I'd like to say is that we have to make a light hand when we are in the hook. Otherwise, the shrimp will be very easy to be hooked to you, the hook is good you do not have to change the shrimp. As long as you know the tips. Use the hook to choose a little bit, and how we hurt its body when we are in the hook shrimp, so we should try to reduce the damage. Too much hook can also affect the swimming posture of the shrimp, and it doesn't look normal. The best is to use 1 to 3, and thousands of hooks, fishing tackle shop can buy in, this number three with shrimp size is very consistent. This is the best thing I think, especially when you hook your mouth, and you'll find how good it is. As long as you know how to play, one or two shrimps will be enough for you to play for one night. You slowly appreciate the mystery.


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