Three Skills of Squid Fishing

Three Skills of Squid Fishing

Three kinds of squid fishing. In fact, cuttlefish, squid and octopus (Octopus), is a kind of "squid" belongs to. Every summer evening, Hong Kong people will hire a boat to go to sea to catch "cuttlefish" or "squid". Because they all have the ability to inkjet. What can be distinguished between them is the shape of the body, the short circle of the cuttlefish and the slender squid. The cuttlefish have a back bone of the calcareous. We catch light lights in the inner bay at night, and we catch most of the small squid. We catch instant food. They are very tender and tasty. If you hear that, do you want to try it right away, haha. Then take action quickly. If you want to eat squid, you must learn to know and understand the characteristics of the squid. It's convenient for you to catch it.

Squid they like to live in every swimming layer on the sea, and when they see their prey, they are immediately chasing their prey. We can see from here that if there is a squid appearance, it is not only a problem, but a group. In order to facilitate the catch, we can throw the bait (Chrysanthemum hook) in a concentrated way.

Squid bait, unlike the fish, you are not feeling sense of pecking, but not like a grouper, perch like hard swallow the luanche. Since the squid eat small fish and shrimp, prey, rushed before with a soft tentacles hug, then you will feel the line will have a slight sense of falling, if fishing people do not immediately draw the line, but also about a rhythm to drag and drop. If a single hook is taken immediately, the chance of hitting is very slight. Because the hook tentacles wrapped in Huai strip, if they are in a very easy to hook, is loose. So to use chrysanthemum hook or octopus squid hook, a move to snag, this machine will hook the high.

Squid hook, will use the usual actions running, stretching its body before and after flooding, and eight limbs, soft, easy to hook. So in the hook, put up immediately, with a steady speed pull, not relax until the squid drag near the surface, with torsion deflection (skip the strainer), but not immediately approached the hook, you can not forget, but it will be jet Oh, beware of its inkjet dirtied clothing. If you do not scratch the skip, then I want to make the way out of the law. What if you don't think about it? Then keep looking.

The cuttlefish goes to the ink, and after the cuttlefish is hooked, it will not be surprised by the urine (inkjet). If your stable, until it leaves the water falling into the fishing hands, hearts will not be the worst, you gently with a towel wrapped it carefully for the solution of hook, and then gently put it in the bucket, let it breathe, while it will quietly die due to hypoxia. As for the ink in its body, it will not be too late to clean the wok again. And if you want to ink it in front of your hand? It is best to flap it on the side of the ship or on the surface of the water when it is out of the water, so that it is startled to spray the ink. But must be vacant, do not re back in the water, water escape to make it through. If it is in the air, any action is difficult to "force". To understand the characteristics of squid, it is easy to grasp the hook, let us say three kinds of squid fishing":

1, Hand wire sucking (this method is suitable for beginners and casual fishing friends).

The Department in the bait (Octopus hook or fake shrimp) fish wire, pull out a few meters. Throw the forward, and the bait will sink slowly down to your feet. "5", if no action, continue to "6", "7" two points up and down, until the discovery of falling objects, quickly collect silk, pull up the prey.


This method is still used by hand, according to the above method to cast to "1", but when the bait will reach 4 points, slow down with his hand speed, that is to bait easily by squid bait, if found to have falling force, which quickly received, such as no movement, continue pull up to the "8 point". If there is no movement, the above action can be repeated. The effect may be more convenient if it is tossed with a soft rod. But did not know for defending the use of fishing friends, more difficult to feel squid as bait fish. But practice makes perfect, and when it is operated for a period of time, difficulties will be reduced.

3, False investment and shrimp fishing.

This method is easier to search for the swimming layer of the squid. The "fake shrimp" is like a shrimp, as well as a fish because the small fish and shrimp are the food of the squid. If the fake shrimp can swim in the swimming layer of cuttlefish, it is easy to cause them to bait. Therefore, we should use the fake shrimp to go fishing. We should keep searching everywhere. If there is any movement, we will not lose the opportunity to the same people, and we will invest in the same fishing spot.

Squid fishing is not very good ah, through my analysis, you should also learn how to use "squid fishing"! Let's get into action and start the fun of squid fishing.



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