We must beware of jellyfish stings in fishing

We must beware of jellyfish stings in fishing

We must beware of jellyfish stings in fishing, fishing in our time, will inevitably encounter jellyfish, jellyfish are giant edible jellyfish, high economic value. Also known as the "sea slug house", qiangchang animal door, Scyphozoa, umbrella shaped uplift was Steamed Buns, maximum diameter of 1.3 meters, hundreds of pounds of weight, the jellyfish body is divided into umbrella and shank. The parachute is high and is super hemispherical, and the middle layer is thick. The center of the umbrella is down to a cylindrical handle. The surface of the umbrella is filled with cell masses and plays a predatory and defensive function. The edible jellyfish of China's coastal areas include the jellyfish of the coronal jellyfish family, the jellyfish jellycarpal jellyfish and the jellyfish.

When we were fishing the best time to wear some protective measures, such as the commonly used gloves, hats, clothes and other fishing, and some fishing toolbox, the configuration of some commonly used first-aid supplies, so the insurance practice.

Some see the fishing jellyfish, they want to catch up when ignore their delicacy, personal safety, if once you sting sting head, do not think that is not what the big deal jellyfish sting thing, by the jellyfish stings light swelling and pain, chills, chest tightness, can be serious because of difficulty breathing, shock and endanger life, so large, to sting area of severe systemic reactions, should go to hospital for treatment. In recent years, there have been many cases of such cases. Some hospitals have saved many cases of jellyfish injuries every year, and some are killed because of the delay time. So it's important for this time, and if we're stung, what do we have to do, I have a little bit of research on that.

Jellyfish looks so heavy and heavy that it is not as sensitive as fish. In fact, the jellyfish in the sea swimming speed is very fast, and the ability to escape, and self-defense ability is very strong. When you go down to the sea to catch it, the jellyfish under the umbrella will suddenly attack the body, and a little carelessness will be stung. So when we are fishing in the sea, we should pay attention to it. If we meet jellyfish, we can not catch the sea blindly. If you are inadvertently stung by jellyfish to wipe the affected area, do not keep the toxin on the skin, and wipe it with dry sand and towels. The toxin is acidic, it can be washed or smeared with the basic substances such as soap and alum water, and it can neutralize the toxin, and the condition can also be cold compress with ice bag.

So we are fishing must Caution! Ah, your eyes bright. The jellyfish will not be caught blindly when he meets the jellyfish. If it is stung, he can handle it quickly, and then go to the hospital.


Hope all go well for your fishing travel:)

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