What are the live bait for common sea fishing

What are the live bait for common sea fishing

What are the common sea fishing bait? We are fishing time, will find a lot of fish. All kinds of fish eat different tastes, so we have to choose live bait according to their preferences. If you choose right, you can catch fish well. The fish is not going to ask for it. My fishing career has been dozens of years, I according to my usual experience and exploration, we need to tell the live bait fish are what.

We used live bait fishing in the sea there are many, including shrimp, loach, worm, crab, fish, mussels, snails, now we have to do a brief introduction.

Living prawns and living prawns are mainly used for fishing bass and grouper. Shrimp usually appear in the shallow water area of the beach. Where there is seaweed, we can find live shrimp. We can put meat bones, leftovers and leftovers in the shrimp net, and then put them in the shrimps, so we can catch the shrimp. The method is very simple, too.

Loach and loach are mainly used for dragging bass and golden perch. Loach has strong vitality. It likes to live in rice fields and ponds with water in the years, and it has a wide variety and strong fecundity. Inhabiting the bottom of the hydrostatic water and in the humid silt, it likes the ground floor activity. At night, foraging for food, with insects, snail, water grass as the main food, and also to eat rot plant. Flood season available weave bamboo a pocket shaped pocket on the Tianque Hao, the water outlet, can flow into the downstream DAHAO in loach. You can also use a basket with bones placed on it, which is covered with a layer of mud. The basket is placed in the bottom of the loach. Usually, the basket is put out the first night, and in the second day, the basket is collected in the morning, and a few baskets can be put together at the same time.

There are also mainly Nereis Nereis, worms, insects, centipedes are red, but the sea fishing for bait, known as the "universal bait", the hook object also has many kinds, but the most suitable for the shore floating fishing pole.

Fish, fish is mainly used for fishing, fish or other sea perch chub mackerel. The use of live fish in fishing, we should pay attention to keep it alive for longer periods of time, so when we put the hook, not to hurt their innards, hook should be hung in the jaw, eyes and back, allowing them to maintain a certain activity, in order to better attract the fish to eat.

Live crabs, live crabs are mainly sand crab fishing, the main object is the grouper, black porgy and fish. When the hook is hooked, the hook tip penetrates from the first step to the middle part of the hook, and it hooks on the same side of the branchial cavity. The hook point does not pass through the back armor, so that it can crawl on the bottom or swim in the water, which is good for attracting fish to hook.

There's a lot more, but we're talking about it today, and then we'll go on. We know the role of them, and they are more purposeful for fishing.

By the way, A suitable fishing rod also is very important for sea fishing, eg, a better slow jerk rod is better for saltwater fishing, that will help you save much power then more easier to catch correct fishing.

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