What is a good Saltwater fishing bait?!

Fishing generally refers to the sea fishing, freshwater fishing generally refers to fish ponds, rivers, reservoirs and other anti fishing. Fishing and fresh water fishing, the biggest difference is that in almost all fishing water for freshwater fishing, and almost all of the water department, it can be said that fishing is fishing in freshwater streams to catch. When your fishing bait into the water because of gravity, velocity and direction caused by the different bait sink to the bottom position, and pond and reservoir fishing bait just thrown about quasi float position.

There is a way to judge where the bait will sink. Throw a spoon of bait into the sea, see the angle and direction of the water, the physical state of the bait and then determine the range and location of the bait. Analysis of bait will not be too dry or too wet, floating and submerged material proportion, then adjust. To know where the fish is, understand what fish you are fishing. The sea is so big, the upper level fish, the middle fish, the lower fish, all kinds of fish that don't know what they are going to catch is a lot of trouble. Fresh water has two species of fish, crucian carp and tilapia, and the sea water also has two species, black - hairy and black - fish.

The southern black fish can also be said to be a bottom fish, often hidden in a corner. The fishing of this kind of fish is usually a bit bigger with the bait, and the viscosity is hard. As for the state of atomization, it is necessary to see whether the water is clear. The northern black hairy fish is the upper middle upper fish, most of which are between the current and the tides. Fishing for this kind of fish, the use of a little bit of bait, the viscosity of a little soft, the state of atomization should also see the clear water. General bait will use krill powder bait ingredients to do, according to different species, adjust the selection of floating and submerged material proportion of the products, mixing and blending and then add appropriate amount of water.

Bait spoon is used to throw the bait out, control the strength of the wrist, and fan out the bait. In fact, fishing experience is more than the fisherman himself groped out. Other people say good, if not tried several times, it is still difficult to become a master.


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