How to catch crucian carp in stream

How to catch crucian carp in stream

In a small river and stream with higher bed, a stream bank can be formed. The water beach oxygen is adequate very much, and carp reversed water and have the habits of love swimming, foraging in there, so here is the good place for fishing carp.

Beach fishing tackle combination also has certain characteristics.Usually crucian carp is little size in water beaches, so the choice of the  carp rods to choose a relatively longer, about 5.4 ~ 6.3 meters is preferred, in addition to the lighter, so long time in hand is not easy to feel tired.

The fish line is a little thinner, the best of number. 0.1# is a little longer than the pole. A fishhook is a little smaller, and can get out of it. The distance between the hook and the sinker is 2 centimeters. The float should be larger, about 5 pcs, two in the water, one on the surface of the water, and two over the water. The distance between floating and floating is 1 centimeters is better.

The hook on the baits to get as close as possible to the water bottom, but not on the beach, because underwater rubble, gravel bottom bait too much, easy to hang, but not Flow away along the water, is not easy to catch carp.

The small creek crabs are especially large, and the fish, woven with other fabrics, are easily broken by crabs to escape the fish.

The fishing spots in the water beach should be selected in the middle of the flow of water. When fishing without bait Wo, with red earthworms, maggot bait on the line. Half Red earthworms put on the hook, the hook is not exposed; maggots thicker than the tail of the hook tip, from a hole in one fell into the body to wear or wear out from the mouth, with a hook tip, but to prevent the maggots humor overflows, poor effect.

When fishing, people stand on the side of the running beach, bait the hook into the upper end of the beach. When bait hook can't flow again, pull the bait hook back, then throw it off, and then go downstream. It's repeated many times. When floats stay or sink in the flats, or when they shake, this is the hook of the crucian carp.


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