GOOFISH® FUJI 6.0"(180cm) Trout Rod with Solid Nano Tech Two Tips (UL & L Action)

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  • Size:6'0"(180cm) with two tip, one is UL action, another is L action
  • Two Tip is solid nano tech blank
  • Guide and Reel Seal all are the Japan FUJI setting
  • Product Name:GOOFISH Trout Fishing Rod
  • Length:180cm
  • Section:2
  • Tip:2 piece
  • Action:UL & L action
  • Dead Lift Power:5kg
  • Guide&Reel Seat:Japan Fuji
  • Blank of Tip:Solid Nano Tech
  • Color of Coating:Black
  • Handle:Rubber EVA 
  • Brand:GOOFISH
  • Type:Trout Fishing

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